5 Things To Avoid in Engineering Job Offer Letters

You’ve found the perfect candidate for the job, and now it’s time to make it official with a written job offer. While a written letter is vital for this industry, there are several things that you’ll want to avoid putting in your engineering job offer letter in order to protect your company and make sure… Read more »

Using LinkedIn to Get More Exposure For Your Job Posting

Social media has gained quite a foothold in the employment sector, and if you’re not yet using this medium to search for new hires, you could be missing out on some of today’s top talent. One of the best places to find candidates for engineering positions is LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is geared… Read more »

IBM’s Incredible “OptoChip”

A team of researchers at IBM announced a groundbreaking new development in microchips. Dubbed the “optochip,” this new creation can transfer 1 terabit of information in one second. To put this into perspective, that’s the equivalent of 500 high definition movies being transferred in just 60 seconds. This is a huge development in information technology… Read more »

Groundbreaking New Information on Heat’s Effect on Materials

Thanks to a collaboration between the University of Southampton and the University of Cambridge, exciting new developments have emerged in the study of how heat effects materials. With equipment on loan from Mettler-Toledo, the research team was able to observe exactly what happens when semiconductors are heated very rapidly, as much as 10,000 degrees C… Read more »

Creating a Work Portfolio

Typically, the term portfolio is associated with artistic professions, whether digital or analog. However, it is becoming increasingly important for engineers to build their own portfolio to assist them in their job search. Having a professionally done portfolio can help you gain the edge in this incredibly competitive field and let your future employers know… Read more »

New Autodesk 360 Transforming Traditional Engineering Workstations

Cloud computing has revolutionized numerous sectors and it’s only natural that it would soon impact the engineering world. Autodesk PLM 360 is the newest release from Autodesk and its poised to take center stage. Unlike traditional CAD software which is platform specific, Autodesk PLM 360 runs cross-platform, and that’s not all it can do. This… Read more »

Replicators – Are We Prepared Enough?

Not so long ago, replicators were a fixture of science fiction, a dream and nothing more. As 3D printing technology advances however, we are nearing an age where replicating many things is entirely possible. In fact, this technology is advancing to the point where the average Joe has access to a 3D printer and can… Read more »

The New Face of Rapid Prototyping

Typically, 3D prototyping is limited to certain materials, and you may not be able to create an exact model due to these limitations. Another common issue facing manufacturing and prototyping companies is the inability to find software that works with the materials they want to use in the model or concept phase. 3D Prototyping, an… Read more »

Engineering Companies Impacted By Mineral Shortages

A recent survey conducted by PwC is raising concern in the engineering sector about the possibility of mineral shortages impacting production. Metal minerals are heavily relied on by companies involved in the automotive, energy and utilities, and renewable energy sectors and these are the companies that are going to be impacted first. It is estimated… Read more »

3D Material Enables Thermal Testing

Objet, a leader in 3D printing systems, announced a new 3D material that they have developed, which will make thermal testing possible. The new material, called RGD525, has been designed to simulate high temperature performance for engineering plastics, without compromising the stability of the product. According to Zehavit Reisin of Objet, “In function applications, Objet’s… Read more »