New Semiconductor Devices Could Lead to Advanced Surgical Gloves

Surgeons are known for their abilities to repair even the smallest nerve endings in the body, but thanks to some new advances in semiconductor technology, their abilities may soon be greatly increased. A team of researchers from Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Dallan University of Technology released an exciting new study… Read more »

Deciphering Truths and Lies on a Candidate’s Resume

While the vast majority of job seekers know that it is a bad practice to lie on a resume, sometimes the temptation is just too strong. Before you hire someone to fill a position, it is absolutely necessary to take the time to do a little due diligence. This step can save you headaches and… Read more »

Texas Physicists Create World’s Smallest Semiconductor Laser

In Science Magazine, a breakthrough in semiconductor technology was recently announced. The magazine reported that physicists in Texas successfully created the world’s smallest semiconductor laser, a feat which has eluded physicists for decades. The team of physicists at The University of Texas at Austin made this tiny laser, which although it emits a green light… Read more »

New 3D Sensor Could Revolutionize Automation

Sensors have long been used in automation and most recently, even for home use, such as the Kinect sensor that allows users to be a part of the video game they are playing. Thanks to that Kinect technology, a new 3D sensor has been developed that has the potential to completely change the automation industry…. Read more »

Updating Your (Personal) Professional Brand Mid-Career

Those of us who are just hitting our 40’s or 50’s may be looking at life and our careers and wondering not only what happened, but where are we headed? But rather than looking at this time as a crisis, it’s best to stay positive and look at this as a reason and an opportunity… Read more »

Implementing Workplace Policies to Protect Your Organization and Employees

Too many employers find out the hard way how necessary it is to have organizational policies both for managing their employees and protecting their day-to-day operations. While every state is different, and you also need to factor in different federal laws and regulations, once you’ve developed your policies, you’ll need to find a way to… Read more »

New iPad App for CAD Design

Although there are numerous CAD based apps available for the iPhone and iPad, engineers have not gotten that excited about the prospects to date. Although it’s nice to have these apps available, when it comes down to it, these devices simply aren’t suited for processing the large files that CAD drawings produce and the process… Read more »

Innovative Management Tips to Motivate Employees

Motivating your employees can be a challenge, particularly when you don’t necessarily want to use monetary awards. However, what you may not realize is that many employees are motivated by non-monetary rewards and you can actually raise your productivity rates, improve morale and keep your workforce motivated just by practicing a little innovation with your… Read more »

3D Materials Composites Reduce Costs

One of the major factors that has kept some companies from adapting to 3D printing technology wholeheartedly has been the cost of the materials that are needed. Thanks to some new advances however more companies will be able to afford this new technology and make better use of it. These new metal matrix composite components… Read more »

How Important is Corporate Culture When Evaluating a Candidate?

If you want to lower your turnover rates and ensure that the candidates you hire are the perfect fit for your organization, it is vital to take some time to compare your current corporate culture to their unique personalities. Taking the time to seriously look at how employee personalities integrate with your organization will ensure… Read more »